Friday, January 6, 2012

Your personal editor is in!

Your personal editor is in! And on call! The world is full of great gift certificates - but not many of them will help you with your resume, take on writing that really tough letter to your ex, put together a news release for a special event, or just review that document that is driving you crazy.

Each month, Kathy Writes It will offer a one or two hour personalized gift certificate at half the normal fee.

Have you been hearing a friend, coworker, or student  anxiously discussing an upcoming written project that has to be done and seems overwhelming? You can help with that without getting enmeshed in the problem by giving a one- or two-hour gift certificate.

Certificates are $25 an hour for the first two hours, half the normal fee. To arrange for yours, call Kathy at 541-432-3600 or e-mail livethelifeulove @ We can tailor your certificate for nearly any need, and provide a receipt for expense deductions for projects that are work or charity related.