Fees, Discounts, and Freebies!

 Your personal editor is in! And on call!

Fees start at $50 per hour, however each month there is a "gift certificate special" that allows you to get (or give!) your first hour or two for half price.

 The world is full of great gift certificates - but not many of them will help you with your resume, take on writing that really tough letter to your ex, put together a news release for a special event, or just review that document that is driving you crazy.

Each month, Kathy Writes It will offer a one or two hour personalized gift certificate at half the normal fee.

Have you been hearing a friend, coworker, or student  anxiously discussing an upcoming written project that has to be done and seems overwhelming? You can help with that without getting enmeshed in the problem by giving a one- or two-hour gift certificate.

Certificates are $25 an hour for the first two hours, half the normal fee. To arrange for yours, call Kathy at 541-432-3600 or e-mail livethelifeulove @ yahoo.com.

We can tailor your certificate for nearly any need, and provide a receipt for expense deductions for projects that are work or charity related.

There's even an "adventure bartering" option if you are short on cash. So it may be possible to name your exchange!

This website also offers tips for writers and mini consultations - for nothing!

Call Kathy at 541-432-3600 to discuss the possibilities!