Monday, December 10, 2012

malus diversifolia

with malus toward none --
first food fight of summer:
Dr Newton v. Gravity

Cocktail talk sutras

and NaHaiWriMo poems  -- pick 5 for the book by March 17

Vigilantes, beware
the second baddest son of a gun
in the county

zone internationale postale
my hometown
in numbers

the story goes on

across the color wheel -

the absence of blue

on my napkin,
cocktail talk sutras -
work, lovers, money, fear

in the garden
pincers waving -

the 'wigs are out.

half past snow

indifference the scree
you leave sliding
down my life

found, thousands of years
out of fashion -
sagebrush sandals, Oregon cave

that slither, that hiss
winter torpor
rattlesnake hides

long line to the
queue train -

new yorq new yorq

fresh-baked hubris -
a pool of cold coffee

someone else to blame

warming up: wolves
coyotes, farm dogs

act two

a treat for all seasons
chili peppers , cheese -
broiled on chip, chip, chips

after the third frost,
the last stand of western larch -
Chief Joseph Mountain.

your dirty secret

past frozen
eiswein must -
an ordinary bottle

my Stetson
summer: sweat stains
in winter, stinging ears

half a bubble off
the viewfinder
out of frame

tap, tap tap tap
not so mobile home

hears through the nose
sings through the eyes
no secrets

beaches and rocks
embrace the bullhead world
i will never invent water

all rise, all
fall: seasons before any
economic theory: boats

leaf by yellow leaf
the flotilla runs
almost aground

Saturday, December 8, 2012