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Kathy Bowman at Kathy Writes It specializes in business, technical and interpretive projects, personal or professional.

Her fees are competitive.

While she work independently and quickly, she is known for helping to define exactly what you want up front, and then working with you to have a product ready with remarkable speed.

Kathy at Kathy Writes It has years of professional experience editing natural resource technical documents, writing press releases, preparing contracts for interpretive displays, working on resumes and job applications, writing constructive letters in nasty circumstances, and tutoring resource professionals in writing short cuts that get them away from the desk and out in the field a lot more quickly. Newsletters and columns for local papers plus tutoring and social media management are also options offered.

Kathy also has a special interest in display and interpretive work, and is the sponsor of two "community writing" poetry projects in Oregon.

Call Kathy Bowman at Kathy Writes It at 541-432-3600 (back-up number 541-432-0403), or e-mail livethelifeulove@yahoo.com to get help on your written project, large or small.